setValidated() (tick_24Validator Engine Only)

void setValidated(int $index, int $what);

$index - the index of the attribute and/or attribute value to set

Use -1 for all attributes and/or attribute values (New v11.9921)

$what - what to set (specifies to set the attribute, the attribute value, or both)

SET_ATTRIBUTE - set the attribute to be valid so that most (not all) error messages are not generated for the attribute

SET_ATTVALUE - set the attribute value to be valid so that no error messages are generated for the attribute value


SET_NOCASECHECK - do not do a case check on the tag or attribute name (case checks are done for XHTML based documents) (New v10.9912)

SET_NOVALUEREQUIRED - do not generate an error because the attribute does not have an equals sign followed by a value (New v10.9912)

To set both attribute and value validated at the same time, use SET_ATTRIBUTE+SET_ATTVALUE or SET_ATTANDATTVALUE

In versions previous to v10.99, a "$" may need to be pre-pended to the what values, and SET_NOCASECHECK and SET_NOVALUEREQUIRED are not valid