setValueInt() (tick_24Validator Engine Only)

int setValueInt(int $valueidentifier, int $value[, int $value2...]);

$valueidentifier - tells the function which value to set

$value - what to set the value to

1 - sets configflags of the configuration, $value is ORed with configflags; for $value:

1 - configuration supports CSEJOBTYPELINKCHECK

2 - sets the flag to use for the message "found the character '>' with no previous matching '<' to open the tag..."

3 - ORs doctypeflags with $value; see also 8

4 - sets the flag to use for the error message that is generated when a tag is an empty-element tag in an HTML document when it would cause possible compatibility issues.

5 - limit messages to those with the value flag set; can be called repeatedly to limit messages to multiple flags; for example, setValueInt(5,2) will limit messages to accessibility messages

6 - sets valjobflags, $value is ORed with valjobflags, for $value:

1 - standands-compliant check - changes some functions to be more standards-compliant

7 - set legacyflag, the flag that controls the display of legacy validator messages; when this flag is enabled, legacy messages are NOT displayed  (New v7.9910)

8 - sets doctypeflags to $value; see also 3 (New v9.0201)

9 - sets whether the document is presumed to be requested securely (New v10.0046)

-1 - not set/unknown

0 - no (insecure request)

1 - yes (secure request)

10 - sets jobflags, $value is ORed with jobflags; for $value: (New v11.9942):

0x40000000 - set 'no sound' flag


30 - set the maximum number of errors before validation is stopped (New v16.0312)

31 - set the maximum number of warnings before validation is stopped (New v16.0312)

50 - adds a category ID for attributes NOT to display in lists of allowable attributes; use in the onConfigLoad() function; returns 0 (New v9.9921)

Returns -1 if an error occurs, such as if $valueidentifier is invalid. This function will not generate a validator error message if it returns -1 because $valueidentifier is invalid.

If $valueidentifier is valid, returns the old value of $valueidentifier.

In CSE HTML Validator v9.9922 and later, can specify multiple $value integers. This works for some $valueidentifiers but not all.


This example user function overrides the default maximum number of errors and warnings.

function onStartValidation() {
 setValueInt(30,15); // set max errors to 15
 setValueInt(31,15); // set max warnings to 15