Read-only string keywords are new in CSE HTML Validator v10 and represent certain string values. Like function names and variables, these keywords are also case-sensitive (NOTE: This is a change from v11.0 and prior where keywords were case-insensitive). These keywords provide better code readability and often result in slightly faster code than using equivalents such as the getTagName() function.

NOTE: These keywords are read-only. Do not try to assign values to them.

CSEJOBSUBTYPESTRING - the job subtype/validation mode as a string (New v10.9921)

CurrentAttName - represents the current attribute name

CurrentAttValue - represents the current attribute's value

CurrentAttValue2 - represents the current attribute's value after trimming the value for leading and trailing whitespace (New v15.99)

CurrentParentTagName - represents the current parent tag name (New v10.9924)

CurrentTagName - represents the current tag name as would be returned by getTagName()