This function is called for each link that will be added to a target's link report (unless it is canceled here). (New v15.0114)

$olra_add - (integer) if the link will be added (1 means yes, 0 means no); it is preset to 1 because this function is only called for links that are going to be added (read/write)

$olra_comment - (string) the link comment (read only)

$olra_link - (string) the link as an absolute link (read only)

$olra_linktype - (string) the link type as a string, like "img src" or "a href" (read only)

$olra_statusstring - (string) the status of the link check for the link as a string (read only)

Example 1:

This example prevents the listing of any link with a status string of "Can't compute abs path".

function onLinkReportAdding() {
 if $olra_statusstring==="Can't compute abs path" {