Using the Batch Wizard
(tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

Only the professional and enterprise editions include the Batch Wizard. The Batch Wizard (accessible from Tools->Batch Wizard or by pressing F2) can be used to generate a validation report in HTML format. The Batch Wizard can generate single or multiple page reports for one or more documents. If you wish, you can then print out the validation report using a web browser.

Batch Wizard Tool

To get an HTML report of the validator messages, you can validate documents that are open (documents must also be checkable and not empty) in the editor with the Batch Wizard. For example, selecting Validate->Validate with Batch Wizard or pressing Shift+F2 will quickly validate the current editor document with the Batch Wizard and allow you to see and print the HTML report generated by the Batch Wizard. This is another way to see the results of a validation. To validate all open editor documents, select Validate->Validate All with Batch Wizard or press Alt+F2.

When used with a target list, the Batch Wizard can follow links. This lets you use the Batch Wizard to easily check an entire site or part of a site by only adding one target and then following the links in that target. Another feature is the Link Check tool that functions only as a link checker and not a validator. This lets you quickly check the links of a site without having to validate the pages and generate validation reports.

Note that the Batch Wizard is designed to check only small to medium-sized websites. If you have a large site (considered to be over 1000 targets/pages), then we recommend that it be checked in parts or that you use the enterprise edition which can better handle larger jobs.

See the Validate an Entire Website and Batch Wizard topics for more information.