Custom Report Footer
(tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

The Batch Wizard allows you to specify a custom footer that is used in the HTML reports. If a general footer is specified in the Report File Options Page of the Batch Wizard Options, then it applies to all target lists unless an overriding footer has been specified in the Target List Options Tab for a specific target list. This allows a general custom footer to be used for all target lists while also allowing each target list to use a more specific custom footer if desired.

The comments in the source of a Batch Wizard report can be viewed to see what the default footer is. It is the default footer part of the report that will be replaced if a file is specified here.

In a custom footer, you can use $"CURRENTDATE" or $"CURRENTDATE2" for the date and $"CURRENTTIME" for the time (new v9.0230). NOTE: $"CURRENTDATE2" is new in v16.0301 and is the same as $"CURRENTDATE" except that non-ASCII characters are changed to character references.

The default footer is (may change in newer versions):

<!-- Begin default footer (can be changed in the Batch Wizard Options) -->
<p class="footer">Report created by <a href="">CSE HTML Validator Enterprise v17.0010</a>.<br>
  Created Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 3:39:29 PM. Copyright &copy;1997-2016 AI Internet Solutions LLC. All rights reserved, worldwide.</p>
<!-- End default footer -->