Increase Limits (tick_24Enterprise Only)

This page controls options that are only available in the enterprise edition and that expand the capacity of the Batch Wizard.

NOTE: If using the enterprise edition, then see the "EnterpriseExtras" folder in the installation folder for extras.

Use the working folder to reduce memory usage and increase capacity - Check this option to enable the swapping of data stored in memory to temporary files in the working folder. This reduces memory usage and increases the maximum number of targets the Batch Wizard can process.This option is enabled by default.

Working folder - Select the working folder (also known as a temporary directory) where data files will be temporarily saved. The folder should be on an NTFS partition and not on a FAT partition in order to be able to handle the large number of files that may be written (NTFS can handle over 4 billion files). The folder must already exist; it will not be created automatically. The default is the user's default temporary folder.

Max targets when using the working folder - This limit overrides the setting in the Limits Page when the working folder is used so that more targets can be processed. The default is 10000.