Report Format (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

Report Format Options

Include Document Source Lines in Report For

Errors, Warnings, Messages Checkboxes - The document source lines that cause an error, warning, or message to be generated in a validation report can be included in the report. To see these source lines in the report, make sure the appropriate boxes are checked. All boxes are checked by default.

"Spread" for source document lines - When displaying a source line, this option specifies how many source line characters to display before and after the highlighted portion of the source line in the reports (the highlighted portion is the specific part of the line that the validator message is about). Because some source documents contain very long lines, this option is useful in limiting the amount of source document text shown for a validator message when the source line is very long. The default is 150. (New v9.00)

Multiple Page Report Options

NOTE: Single page reports are not recommended except for very small jobs.

Generate a multiple page report (recommended) - Check this box to generate a report that is divided into multiple pages. This is most useful if your target list is large and a single page report file would be too large and inefficient. If this option is checked, then "page 0" will be a summary report regardless of whether Include summary reports is checked or not. This option is enabled by default.

"Spread" for report navigation links - How many report page navigation links to link to before and after the current report page on the "navigation bar". This option is only used when a multiple page report is being generated. This option is useful in limiting the number of navigation links for multiple page reports that contain many pages. For example, before this feature was added, a 100 page report would generate a "navigation bar" with at least 100 links in it to navigate between each of the 100 report pages. With this feature, the number of navigation links is greatly reduced. For example, if this option is set to 3 and page 57 of a 100 page report is being viewed, then the navigation links will include direct links to 3 pages before page 57 (54, 55, and 56) and 3 pages after (58, 59, 60) (as well as some additional navigation links). Note that navigation links to the summary page, first page, last page, previous page, and next page are always provided. To use the old behavior that links to every report page, then set this option to a very large value like 9999. The default is 3. (New v9.00)

Reports per page - The maximum number of reports per page when generating a multiple page report. For fewer but larger report pages, increase this number so that more reports are contained per page. For more but smaller report pages, decrease this number so that fewer reports are contained per page. The default is 10.

Other Options

Append message IDs to the message text - Check this box to append a message's message ID to the message text in the format [MSGID:xxx]" or "[MSGID:NONE]". This affects HTML output only (not XML output). This option is not enabled by default. (New v10.9921)

Combine similar messages into one message with a list of repeated locations - Check this box to combine similar messages, like those with the same message ID or the same message text, into one message. A list of document locations in the format line:column is appended to the message to show the other document locations that generated the message. Using this option can significantly reduce the size of validation reports if they contain a lot of similar messages. This option is enabled by default. (New v15.0100)