Tool to Use (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

Tool to Use Options

Select the tool to use when processing the targets. You can only use one tool at a time. The default tool to use is the validator.

See below for more information about the 'spell check' tool.

More information about using the tools.

Validation Modes

When selecting the validator tool as the Tool To Use in the Batch Wizard Options General tab, you may be able to select an additional option that lets you further specify what type of validation (validation mode) you would like to perform, such as "errors only" or "errors and warnings only". You must be using a configuration file that supports this additional option or "normal" will be the only choice.

About the 'Spell Check' Tool

The spell check tool may not ignore words contained between the open and end tag for elements that are set to "ignore to close" (normally the "script" and "style" elements), while the validator tool would ignore these words. This is normal  behavior.

The misspelled words and the repeated words messages are automatically upgraded to warning messages (the options to upgrade those messages to warnings are automatically enabled).

Link Checking

Enable link checking - Check this box to check the links of documents that are validated with the Batch Wizard. You must be using a compatible configuration file, such as the one included with HTML Validator or no links will be extracted and checked. Enabling this option may considerably increase the time needed to validate documents because link checking may be time consuming, especially when a link times out. Therefore, the Batch Wizard may appear to stop while checking links. However, several methods are used to increase the speed of the link checking, such as checking multiple links at a time and using a link cache. For more information about link checking, please visit the Link Checking section in the Things You Should Know topic. This option is not enabled by default.

NOTE: Link checking must be enabled to generate link reports.