Folder Specific (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

Folder Specific Tab (folder targets only)

Use this tab to view and/or change the target options that apply to folder targets.

Include subfolders - Check this box to include targets that are within the subfolders of the folder target. Targets within all folders of the subfolders will also be processed. When this option is checked, the I flag is displayed. The default is determined by the Automatically set the I flag to include subfolders when adding a folder target option.

When including subfolders, exclude folders that begin with an underscore (_) or that are named "CVS" - Check this box to exclude any subfolders with names that begin with an underscore character or that are named "CVS" (case-insensitive). Note that this option has no effect if Include subfolders is unchecked. This option is useful to exclude certain FrontPage and CVS folders. This option is enabled by default.